The Glass Globe part 1 by Louise Warwick.

Can be purchased here! 

An A5, 20 page comic printed on uncoated recycled paper.

‘Bertie spends his days in solitude sketching and photographing The Forest of the Wolves. Life is pretty dull until he stumbles upon a curious object amongst the trees. Now he can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching him!’

The glass globe is a comic published by Louise Warwick twice a year. It follows Bertie, a reclusive artist, who lives in the forest of the wolves. He loves nature and photography. The artwork and text is hand drawn in pen and pencil, and then digitally edited in illustrator and photoshop.


The glass globe comic started out as a very different project:  a water colour and gouache short story illustrated from another characters point of view. Suffering from a little artists block and inspired by various graphic novels I had been flicking through whilst procrastinating, I decided to explore the story I was working on from Bertie’s point of view. I set out to drawing a really short sketchy ink pen comic. (Hoping this would cure my artist block and get me back on track!)

A few hours later I had enjoyed drawing Bertie’s story a little too much and the whole idea transformed into a comic book. I quickly realised putting the whole story into one book was going to be a long and costly affair and so the idea of a series of short comics was born.